Why use Hoofproof?


Complete clarity

Those that can develop honest relationships with their clients are more likely to benefit from repeat custom and loyalty in the future. Eliminating the threat of hidden information or miscommunications from either party, Hoofproof helps to encourage a stronger, more transparent and positive working relationship between you and the client.
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Long-term health tracking

By officially documenting and evidencing the work carried out on each individual horse, you can build up an archive of all visits, monitor any potential lameness issues and interfere before a long-term problem occurs, such as pasture-associated laminitis.
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Safeguard against claims

Supporting evidence at your fingertips! Unfortunately, farriers can be held responsible for movement problems that are unrelated to their work. With the ability to store videos, photos and notes, Hoofproof documents any work carried out on a horse at each visit as a means of safeguarding you, the farrier. Direct proof offers you complete peace of mind and helps to protect you against any potential accountability claims.

“Hoofproof is one of the high points in my career and has the potential to be a real game-changer within the Farriery industry.”

Jim Blurton, World Champion Farrier

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Eliminate endless paperwork.

With no paperwork involved, Hoofproof helps to make your life that little bit easier! As the industry as a whole looks towards embracing technology to improve processes and efficiency, Hoofproof is an innovative digital tool that will form as part of the next generation farrier’s toolkit.


Use anytime, anywhere.

Hoofproof enables you to aggregate all work and hoof care assessments in one place and access this information in real-time using just your smartphone or tablet. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to prepare and review notes from any previous visits (ahead of time!) to gain a better understanding.

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Backed by Jim Blurton.

Hoofproof was born from an idea by World Champion farrier, Jim Blurton. Having worked in the industry for over 40 years, Jim highlighted an ever-growing need for farriers to evidence their work to safeguard them against any accountability claims.

Available for iOS devices.

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Packed with impressive features.

From multi-horse tracking to side by side video comparisons, Hoofproof is making accountability simple for the everyday farrier.

Features & Benefits


Plan 1


  • Path 4 The essentials to get started
  • Path 4 Log data for up to 1 horse
  • Path 4 Side by side video function
  • Path 4 In-app voice recording
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Plan 2


Including V.A.T
  • Path 4 Enjoy all the features
  • Path 4 Log data for unlimited horses
  • Path 4 Share client information
  • Path 4 10% Jim Blurton discount code
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Plan 3

Team's Plan

Price varies
  • Path 4 Enjoy all the features
  • Path 4 Log data for unlimited horses
  • Path 4 Share client information
  • Path 4 10% Jim Blurton discount code
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